Hello, Welcome to the Citizens Project!

     My name is Brad and my goal with this project is to photograph a new person, every day, for the whole year. Along with each photo will be a bit of info on the Citizen of the day and a chance for them to speak their mind. Many will be people I know, many will not. Most will be from Sacramento, likely downtown, because that’s where I live. If I go out of town then I’ll try and grab a Citizen from wherever I am. There will be some kids, my own I’m sure, because aren’t they citizens too? That’s about it for the ‘rules’.

When you look at each page, try and look at the photo first for a bit. Let those stereotypes that we all project come out. Go ahead and see how your opinion of the person takes form. Then read what they have to say. Were you close? Were you way off? Probably a little of both. We are comforted, in a way, by stereotypes. If we can look past them and find a commonality with another person, a person who we may never have approached because of our stereotypes, well, that’s the key in bringing people closer. As governments, corporations, and the mass media continue to play on the differences in people, it’s up to us to find the connections.

     Hundreds of thousands of people live within a few square miles of me, millions if I go just a bit farther. Every one of them lives in a different reality, and presents a unique set of ideals and a persona to the world based on their life experiences. I hope to cover a large range of those realities and capture as many different personalities as I can. This ‘about’ page will change as the project morphs its way along and I react to it. Comments will be posted here, as to not clutter up the flow of the Citizen pages.

     I appreciate your interest and your comments. My hope is that, as the project grows, there will be a sense of longing AND belonging as we meet more and more of the people we pass by every day.


So, everyday worked out for a while, but you know how life gets. So now it might turn into ‘almost’ daily. That’s ok, maybe I’ve settle in with the idea of this project and it has evolved a bit on its own. I think it may be something I do for quite a while, so the rush isn’t on to get 365, hopefully I’ll meet many more Citizens than that. The Citizen train is definitely picking up speed again, and as I can get distracted by life, a helpful kick in the ass is always in order if it slows down.

Now, go and randomly talk to someone and see what happens.


12 comments on “About”

  1. Hi Brad , nice meeting and working with you today! Love the photos of your citizens , can’t wait to see mine. I know they will be good.

  2. Brad,

    Sedra is bar none your best portrait yet, just brilliant!!



  3. Hi Brad, Citizens 2010 is a very interesting project. Good luck to you!
    I can’t wait to meet new citizens in the future to come through your work 🙂

  4. Hey Brad,
    So far so good, you’ve been doing an excellent job.

    I’m thinking of stealing the idea and trying it out too–I haven’t ever done anything photo-journalism-ish, but it’s always fascinated me. If you’re alright with it, I’ll take a shot at it and see how it goes.


    If you don’t mind my asking, what camera body/lens do you generally shoot the portraits with?

    • Thanks! Go for it. A northwest version would be good. I use a Fuji S5 with a (usually) 24-120 Nikon lens. The exposure info is always to the left of the main text. I usually use higher ISO’s, I like a bit of noise/grain, when photographing people.

  5. Hi Brad,

    Learned about you today via SNR, and am now fascinated. Thanks!
    Reminds me a bit of Studs Terkel….but with more photos!
    Having traveled and gypsy’ed and wandered around this big mess of a country I can relate to your perspective, curiosity, and enjoyable annonymity of people-watching. More work like yours would humanize people again in this too-often society of disconnectedness.

    Keep it up!

  6. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you can relate, I hope you continue to enjoy it!

  7. This idea is brilliant. I love the “look past the stereotypes and meet yourself” idea.

  8. HI Brad, You took a photo of my mother who recently passed away that my sisters and I really love. We would really like to get a copy of this photo and if possible, your permission to use it in her obituary in the Sacramento Bee.
    Thanks much, Johh

    • Absolutely John. I am sorry for your family’s loss.
      Your mother and I had a nice conversation that night, she was very warm and candid.
      I’ll get in touch with you through regular e-mail and get you the picture.

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