Citizen Alyssa

By: bmshep

Apr 13 2010

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Category: Female Citizens

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5Pro

This is Alyssa. I met Alyssa at Peet’s on 19th tonight. She was on a smoke break and petting a woman’s Corgi when I intruded. Alyssa is a Sac native, lives in midtown, and loves dogs. She has a 7 month old Retriever mix that takes her for walks. That’s enough exercise for Alyssa who thinks working out is lame. Alyssa is 20 years old and is currently a student at Sac City, studying sociology. She plans to continue on at Sac State. She likes sociology because it shows how we are all connected through our culture, history, values and stereotypes – for good or bad. Isn’t that the greatest? This project is partly based in my interest in sociology and I find, in a stranger, this common connection. Which leads me to believe that the right people always find you. Could it be, that for some reason or another, we could ALL be the right person for anyone that might happen by? That stranger who sits next to you on the bus or stands next to you in line, when given the chance, could reveal some universal truth about love, hate, pride or fear, that could connect you in ways you may never have expected. Or maybe they just like dogs.

Favorite Accomplishments: I have yet to experience my favorite accomplishment, but it’s coming. I am proud of my ability as a dancer, though. It’s something that I’ve worked at over the years. (Alyssa was a Sacramento Kings and Monarchs dancer for 5 years.)

Regrets: None. Everything is a lesson learned.

What are your passions and obsessions? Learning new things. Dogs! They are so cute and they teach you as you teach them.

What’s the toughest thing you’ve ever had to do? Come out to my parents. It was really hard. I didn’t even know myself until I was out of high school. We are ok now, but they will still never accept one of my girlfriends as they would a boyfriend.

What’s something about you that surprises people? I’m a perfectionist and a clean freak.

Sound Off! Max is an amazing character! (Max is Alyssa’s dog. Dog is definitely her co-pilot.)


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