Citizen Jen

By: bmshep

Mar 23 2010

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5Pro

This is Jen. I met Jen at Big Spoon Yogurt on Sutterville Rd.,where she works. Jen is a Sac native and a 1st generation American. Her parents are Romanian. Her father left the country to escape communism and met Jen’s Romanian mother in L.A. Jen is a senior at Capital Christian High and grew up skiing and snowboarding. She was on the snowboarding team and has done a 180 degree grab. Although she says she is fairly Americanized, she had a strict upbringing. She has been to Romania 4 times and likes the food and the beaches at the Black Sea, but is not too fond of the gypsies. After high school, Jen plans to go to Sac State and study Criminal Justice and become a Private Investigator or work for the FBI. Jen’s favorite music is hip-hop. Jen is 17.

Favorite Accomplishments: Graduating High School. Landing the wake on a wakeboard. Mastering snowboarding.

Regrets: Getting caught for sneaking out.

What are your passions and obsessions? I love snowboarding and wakeboarding. Music is a must, when I’m driving or doing school work. I’m obsessed with chocolate and frozen yogurt (like Big Spoon!). I love learning about cars and their engine crap.

What made you want to go into criminal justice? I like guns. I like shooting guns. I like watching all the crime shows on TV and figuring out puzzles.

You’ve shot a gun? Yep. I’ve been hunting too. I shot a deer but my uncle had to finish it off.

Sound Off! Don’t screw up in life but live with a purpose. Don’t take any minute for granted, but live every day like it was your last. Rock on Manchester United and the sexy Cristiano Ronaldo!


One comment on “Citizen Jen”

  1. The word “darling” comes to mind.

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