Citizen Joseph

By: bmshep

Mar 22 2010

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Category: Male Citizens

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This is Joseph. Joseph was born and raised in San Francisco. He graduated from San Diego State in 1987 with a degree in Marketing and Finance. He’s worked at John Hancock and Dean Whitter. He’s managed Digital Underground (remember the ‘Humpty Dance’ ?). The toughest thing he’s ever done, he says, is passing the Series 7 Exam to become a broker. So what’s a guy with this background doing in front of Safeway asking for help? Life happens. Joseph suffers from depression and has had some pretty major health problems, including having most of his intestine removed and almost bleeding to death from an aneurism after that surgery. The doctors call him a ‘phenomenal anomaly’, because they didn’t think he would make it. He says he doesn’t drink or use drugs and says he’s never been homeless, but is on the streets a lot looking for help or work. He is on SSI disability, but it barely covers the rent. He still has hopes of doing promotion and management work. Joseph has been in Sac for 6 months now, after being in Oakland for 15 years. He says it’s safer here and he doesn’t have to worry about someone attacking him or ‘smashing a bottle over his head’. Joseph has two daughters that he keeps in touch with. Joseph is 44.

Favorite Accomplishments: Being the VP of an office furniture company in the 90’s where I was responsible for getting the job to put bleachers in Oakland Coliseum.

Regrets: Not staying focused on any one area of work for very long. Switched jobs too many times.

What are your passions and obsessions? It used to be making money, financial achievements. I’ve always liked coming up with ideas and solving problems.

What is something about you, that even someone who knows you, would be surprised to hear? That I’m in this situation now, living below poverty level.

Sound Off! I am glad we have a black President, but even more importantly, that we have the right President.


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