Citizen Christine

By: bmshep

Mar 16 2010

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Category: Female Citizens


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This is Christine. Christine probably never thought she’d be where she is now. Although currently unemployed and on disability for a work related injury, she has a home and lives with three of her children. Things are relatively stable now. She has a garden and is training a new dog. Christine was born in Virginia, but crisscrossed the country, never staying anywhere long. Growing older, with an unstable mom, Christine fell into her own troubles. She struggled with drugs, depression, and run-ins with the law. Finally, she and her eldest son ended up at the Sac Family Shelter, having no place to live. She got clean. She got into the Welfare to Work program. She was surprised to find out that she could attend college for free. She did and got a degree with perfect grades. She got a job and bought a house. She wants everyone who slams welfare to know, that she’s been a tax paying citizen for the last 12 years because of that help. Even though she is dealing with some physical problems and looking for a new job, she still takes time to help others. Christine recently had her head shaved and donated her hair to an organization that makes wigs for kids with cancer. Christine is 37.

Favorite Accomplishments: An AS Degree with a 4.0 GPA from Sac City College. Running IT Infrastructure projects for the QRA Dept. at NEC electronics. Buying a home on a fixed interest rate, instead of listening to the loan agent. I was the Panther mascot at Sac City College. It’s not always a big guy in there! I was taken down by a lot of tail pulls.

Regrets: Losing my first child to adoption. Waiting so long to stop talking to my toxic mother. Doing drugs for too long before starting college. Not starting my retirement account at 8 years old.

What are your passions and obsessions? Cooking, dancing, racing, charity, and candles. Finding intelligent people to talk to. I’m a research-a-holic, whenever I get interested in something I find out all I can.

Sound Off! If your hair is 10 inches or longer you can donate it to children, who can’t grow hair, through the Locks For Love Foundation. While bald, you are raising cancer awareness.


4 comments on “Citizen Christine”

  1. What a powerful story–and a gorgeous picture. Christine has inspired me today to be the best I can be and not to whine about my version of problems. And it’s wonderful that she’s donated her hair to Locks for Love.

  2. Wow. My favorite profile thus far.

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