Citizens C2

By: bmshep

Mar 14 2010

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Category: Female Citizens

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5Pro

This is Casey (left) and Cicely (right), or C2 (squared) as we agreed to call them. These ladies would not be separated. I met them dancing their way out of The Depot on K st. They were definitely having a good time and feeling no pain. As for tomorrow, I can’t say. We had a few minutes to talk while they waited for a friend to pick them up. Casey and Cicely are good friends and have been for the last 6 years, since they met at The Melting Pot, the fondue restaurant on 15th st. Casey manages the place and Cicely does marketing for the company. Casey grew up in Ventura County, attended UC Davis, and has been in Sac for 12 years. Cicely was born in San Francisco, grew up in Vallejo, and is back in school at Sac State for Business Marketing. They were having a single ladies night out, a tradition for them, so it seems. Casey is 31 and Cicely is 28.

Favorite Accomplishments: Casey – Taking a reprieve from my partying lifestyle (except for tonight).

Cicely – Traveling for my job. I did the national marketing for The Melting Pot, for a while. Now I’m local while I finish school.

Regrets: Casey – Not going to the boarding school in Petrolia that my parents wanted to send me to. It’s a total hippie school, where you chop your own wood to heat your water, that kind of thing. It had a 1-to-1 teacher/student ratio.

Cicely – Not finishing college the first time around.

What are your passions and obsessions? Casey – The piano, Arrested Development, and my 2 stupid cats. Make sure you put ‘stupid cats’.

Cicely – Life and the future of social media. (Cicely is a big Twitter fan, apparently.)

Sound Off! Casey – Capitalism should come crashing down! Friends and family are more important than work.

Cicely – Change your choices, change your life. My Uncle Al said that.

Thank you, ladies. I hope the hangover is brief.


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