Citizen Melissa

By: bmshep

Mar 11 2010

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This is Melissa. I met Melissa at Weatherstone on 21st, where she was working on a piece of art on her laptop. Melissa was born in San Clemente, but raised in Cool. She’s been in Sac for about 7 years now. Melissa just got laid off. She was working as a secretary at a law firm, which is not really her calling anyway. She’s actually into graphic design and is looking for that type of work, as well as creating her own artwork. She attended the Academy of Art for a while but the cost was too much for her. Her twin sister still attends, they were in the same program, and they hope to open a graphic design shop together in the future. She also wants to design book covers and posters. Meanwhile, Melissa has 10 pieces of her own art that she is trying to get into a gallery. They are a mixture of gouache paint and drawing. As a child, her parents were very supportive of her and her sisters’ artistic efforts and everything was filed away in the “museum drawer” for safe keeping. Melissa likes the Bauhaus School, Art Chantry, and Tilman Faelker. She loves music, especially Psych Rock, like the Spacemen 3 and the Black Angels. Just no ‘pop’ country, please. Her favorite recent reads are The Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne and Either/Or by Kierkegaard. On The Road by Kerouac and Of Mice And Men are also on the list. Melissa is 26.

Favorite Accomplishments: Believe it or not, dropping out of art school was one of the most exhilarating and beneficial choices I’ve ever made. I’m now forced to teach myself all there is to know and learn through experience and personal research…and saving thousands of dollars isn’t a bad thing! I’m doing things my own way!

Regrets: I am often regretful about neglecting to read more books. Now that I am unemployed, I’m hopping on the book train.

What are your passions and obsessions? Art is my religion and obsession, it’s my boyfriend, it’s my therapy. I love to create. Any day where I don’t create something is a bad day. I am also obsessed with Sacramento! I feel very lucky to live in a city infiltrated with such cool and creative people and culture.

What is something about you that people would be surprised to know? I don’t plan on having kids. I’ve never had the desire. My friends give me grief about it, but it’s just not something I want to do.

Sound Off! Experience is the best teacher!


One comment on “Citizen Melissa”

  1. Interesting perspective. I hope she finds success.

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