Citizen Michael

By: bmshep

Mar 07 2010

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Category: Male Citizens


Focal Length:26mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5Pro

This is Michael. I met Michael outside of Luigi’s on 20th. He was hanging out with his friends, all current or past employees of Tower Theater. His friends seemed good and lit, but Michael does not drink. Michael is a Pentecostal Youth Minister. But when he’s out with his friends, he leaves the preaching behind and you won’t find him knocking door to door. He doesn’t believe that’s the way to do it. Michael found his calling when he was 8 years old, through his parents. He thinks he’ll continue to progress into full-time ministry work, probably going to school for it, maybe at CLC in Stockton. My picture of Michael is not good. Somehow, my focus button got knocked into manual. I took 2 shots, realized what was up, and asked Michael if I could take another one. At that point, he said I really was being too intrusive. As if I wasn’t already? Anyway, that’s what I get for scrambling out at 10:30 to meet my day’s Citizen. Maybe God is trying to tell me something, like don’t mess with my ministers. Or faith is blurry. Or keep an eye on your focus switch stupid. Michael is a Sac native, and 18 years old.

Favorite Accomplishments: Finding the Lord.

Regrets: Living in Sin.

What are your passions and obsessions? God.

What is the best thing about youth ministering? I get to meet a lot of new people.

What lesson from the Bible do you think is most important right now? Acceptance. (That’s a good one. I’ll go with that.)

Sound Off! Jesus Saves!

Thanks Michael. If you’re out there, I’d be happy to retake your pic.


4 comments on “Citizen Michael”

  1. …or faith is blurry.
    ;>) You need to write more.
    Photos are not your only talent.

  2. Like a morning cup of coffee, the citizen of the day has become part of my daily routine! Thanks Brad!

  3. I call BS. Not on your story, on “Michael”.

  4. This guy is NOT Michael. His name is Andrew David Tate and he is totally BSing you! He’s not a christian at all. He’s a 23 year old dead beat and former tower employee. He’s actually a devout atheist. Just look at that face. Why would you ever believe that nonsense? He looks freaking nuts! Like Dakota Fanning with a beard!

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