Citizen Mahreen

By: bmshep

Mar 04 2010

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This is Mahreen. I met Mahreen outside of an Art History class that she was supposed to be in (?!) at American River College tonight. I don’t blame her. I find art history to be interesting, but slide after slide of Ionic columns, in the dark, would put anyone to sleep. Mahreen was born in Pakistan, but moved to the states when she was a baby. She grew up in Woodland and has been living in Sac for the past five years. She went back to Paksitan for her sister’s wedding and loved it. She says she would live there if she had enough money. Mahreen is a student. She started nursing school a while back, took a break, and is now getting back into it. She only listens to Punjabi music and, when she doesn’t have a cold, is constantly making people laugh. Mahreen is 20.

Favorite Accomplishments: Graduating from High School. Attending Kaplan College.

Regrets: My first two boyfriends. The first one stalked me after we broke up. The second one was….not nice. (Current boyfriend is good.)

What are your passions/obsessions? Helping others in any way. I love kids. My biggest passion is to be a nurse.

What is your favorite memory of Pakistan? Going to KFC and eating french fries and watching all the cute boys.

Sound Off! Live life to the fullest. Have fun with life’s experiences.

Thanks Mahreen.


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  1. Thanks for sharing!~ One Love!

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