Citizen Paul

By: bmshep

Mar 01 2010

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Category: Male Citizens

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Focal Length:26mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5Pro

This is Paul. I met Paul on J st., outside of Newsbeat. Paul is a student and a photographer. He was born in San Jose, grew up in Santa Rosa and now lives in Sac. He was the Assistant Director of the YMCA child care in Santa Rosa until the failing economy caused cuts in the program and finally his job. He moved to Sac recently and will attend a photography school this fall, either Brooks or the Academy of Art. He’s maintaining on what few photo jobs he can find, here in town. He recently got a leg up, shooting photos of Nigerian music star Nneka. He’s into Pink Floyd, Fella Kuti, Nneka, Mars Volta, Erykah Badu,a nd Esperanza Spalding. The last book he read was, “Coming Up For Air” by George Orwell. Paul is 27.

Favorite Accomplishments: I recently had my photography featured in a show on NBC about the music culture of the Bay Area.

Regrets: A fall out I had with an ex-girlfriend. We should have never ended the way we did, with all of the love we had between us.

What are your passions/obsessions? Photography and playing the guitar.

What’s something your friends would be surprised to know about you? Nothing. I’m an open book. They probably know more than they want to know.

Sound Off! My motivation comes from a quote Banksy tagged on a wall. It said, “A lot of people never use their initiative because no-one told them to”

Thanks Paul.


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