Citizen Pat

This is Pat. I met Pat at City Hall tonight at the Public Hearing concerning the Curtis Park Village development. Pat was born and raised in St. Louis and went to Blackburn College in Carlinville, Illinois. She and a girlfriend made a pact that after they graduated they were going to get as far from Illinois as they could, either coast would be fine. Neither one could drive but they bought a Renault Daphine and the salesman taught Pat to drive. She and her friend drove to L.A. where Pat met her husband. They moved to Sacramento in 1960. When Pat was 40, she and her husband divorced, and Pat, wanting to earn a man’s salary, went back to school and received a MBA from Sac State. She worked as an accountant for the county until she retired. Pat likes vocal music, attends the symphony, and likes a deaf percussionist by the name of Evelyn Glennie. She doesn’t get Bjork. She loves detective stories and Michael Pollan. She has 3 kids and 4 grandchildren. Pat is 74.

Favorite Accomplishments: Like Ol’ Blue Eyes, I did it my way.

Regrets: Maybe not being able to spend enough time with my kids when I was working and went back to school. Otherwise, no regrets.

What are your passions/obsessions? Weaving. I would have loved to have done it for a career, but I needed a paying job. Environmental causes. The women’s movement in the 70’s. My grandchildren.

What do you love about weaving? It’s more complex than knitting. There are intellectual challenges. It’s sensual and physical. I used to make a lot of shawls, but now I make smaller things like tea towels.

Sound Off!  I think I just did!

My sister-in-law says it’s because I’m Polish. We think we have all the right answers, but they’re all different.

Thanks Pat! You’re Awesome!


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