Citizen Alli

By: bmshep

Feb 24 2010

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Category: Female Citizens

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Focal Length:17mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5Pro

This is Alli. Alli is an artist and a barista at Weatherstone on 21st.  She grew up in the East Bay and settled in Sac after living all over California. Alli is Native American and Irish, a wise and friendly combination to be sure. Her Grandfather was a full blooded Chiricahua Apache, the tribe of Geronimo. Two years ago, Alli decided that she was going to put her art first and committed herself to creating 20 pieces and getting them shown. She convinced 5 businesses in town to hang her art and now she has a solo show at Spanish Fly on J st. The show is comprised of portraits of women rendered in mixed paints of acrylic and spray paint. Her favorite is titled “See No Evil”. Alli also learned how to build bikes a year ago and is building herself a new one that she also plans to powder coat. She hopes to one day work in art therapy with children, but until then remains a student of life. Alli is 27.

Favorite Accomplishments: Being aware that I have everything I need. I may not always get everything I want, but I’m happy knowing I have a roof over my head and people who love and care about me.

Regrets: Like most, I have regrets, but I also desire to live life in the present, to forgive myself. This way I can live a healthy lifestyle and see regrets as a chance to improve myself and learn from mistakes.

What are your passions/obsessions? Painting, music, dance, biking, laughing and making others laugh. Living life to the fullest!!

Favorite music and books? I love Midlake! I also love electronica, especially Helios. Carlos Castaneda and Pema Chodron are my favorite authors.

Sound Off! “For myself I must remind that the woods are usually kind and the sea is not mine” – Midlake. (Alli has this tattooed on her chest.)

Thank you Alli.


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  1. interesting profile indeed

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