Citizen Brandon

By: bmshep

Feb 23 2010

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This is Brandon. I met Brandon tonight in his Oral Argument Class. I was visiting, trying to make the case for this project being a visual argument. Brandon is a Sac native and has sold  everything from coffee to multimillion dollar properties. He’s majoring in sociology and minoring in business, and his idol is Charlie Sheen. He plans to pursue working with green energy or, if the market rebounds in a big way, jump back into real estate. Brandon is a self-made guy. He was raised by his grandparents because his parents were addicted to meth and other drugs, but he persevered and maintains a positive outlook. Brandon is 25.

Favorite Accomplishments: Taking advantage of the real estate mortgage boom of the mid 00’s and breaking six figures before 22. Graduating high school with honors and NOT becoming a product of my environment. Going to college.

Regrets: Losing all of my earnings in the market during 2008 and not being able to sustain my former profession through the recession.

What are your passions/obsessions? Passions: Cars. Visiting hot spots like Tahoe, Vegas, and Newport Beach. Golf (Caddyshack style). The video game ‘Modern Warfare 2’. Clubbing and 80’s music (Prince is a fave). Obsessions: “Entourage” on HBO and tinkering with cars.

What was the biggest real estate deal you made? Selling a 4.4 million dollar loft in Manhattan on the phone. That made me a $22,000 commission.

Sound Off! It’s not easy being a fuckin’ stunner! But seriously, invest wisely. Take a personal finance course. Only you know what you want.

Thanks Brandon.


5 comments on “Citizen Brandon”

  1. Hey that’s my bff Katie to the left of the photo or Brandon’s right!!! Great pic of Brandon though!!!

  2. I’m in this class too and I was actually seated right behind Brandon in this photo! I can relate to brandon’s story. I became a real estate agent when i was 19! Good money made, but when you’re young you don’t really think about investing any of it! Anyway kudos!

  3. oh btw awesome website, very interesting people!

  4. wow – Didn’t know you can learn so much about a person- just by Brandon’s Picture i would never have known that my class mate sold real estates and that he’s 25! cool! 😀

  5. Ah hahaha!
    I just noticed the guy photobombing in the background. Hi-larious!

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