Citizen Mario

By: bmshep

Feb 21 2010

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This is Mario. Back at Sol Collective tonight, I met Mario at the Benefit For Haiti, where he performed a poem along with other poets and musicians. Mario was born in San Francisco but has lived in Sac for the past ten years. He got a degree at UC Davis and besides being a poet and musician, he is also a pre-school teacher. Mario has been a poet for about 20 years now. The piece he performed tonight was called “Happy Birthday” and is about Dr. Martin Luther King. Every first Thursday of the month, Mario hosts a poetry slam at Luna’s Cafe on 16th st. called ‘Poetry Unplugged’. Go get your name on the list and try it out! Mario is 39.

Favorite Accomplishments: Becoming a father. Winning the San Francisco Poetry Slam in 1994. Winning the 1987 San Francisco League Wrestling Championship (101 lbs.) while in high school.

Regrets: No regrets. So far, so good!

What are your passions/obsessions? Music, movies, playing music, capoeira (the Afro-Brazilian martial art), reading and poetry.

What’s your favorite poem that you’ve written? “Taking Silence Apart”. I wrote a verse for each musician in the quintet that performed on the Miles Davis album “Kind Of Blue”. And another, “50/50”, was written for my daughter.

Sound Off! A shout out to my inspirations: God, my parents, my wife and daughter, John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix, Paul Robeson, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Malcom X, John Tchicai, Harriett Tubman, Romare Bearden, local artists and poets, my extended family and ancestors, runaway slaves, Dune, Carlos Castaneda, and Master Yoda!

Thank you Mario.


2 comments on “Citizen Mario”

  1. Thank you for your profile of Mario. What a citizen! Sacramento is lucky to have him.

  2. Lucky indeed, his poem was great!

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