Citizen Estella

By: bmshep

Feb 21 2010

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This is Estella. I met Estella at the opening, or I should say re-opening, of her gallery Sol Collective on 21st St. tonight. The gallery used to be in Del Paso but suffered a fire about 2 years ago. Now in it’s new location, they are set to be better than ever. Besides having a gallery, the space includes a music lab, a media lab, and a store. They also provide workshops, host performances and mentor local youth. If the gallery isn’t enough to keep her busy, she is also a mother and teaches social sciences at the Met, a local charter high school. Students from the Met help her run the gallery. Estella is pictured here in front of a work by one of her favorite artists Miguel Bounce Perez. She also likes the Trust Your Struggle collective. She loves electro world beat music and a favorite singer of hers, Chico Mann, recently toured with Thievery Corporation (yes, another Thievery fan!). Estella is 34.

Favorite Accomplishments: Raising 2 beautiful daughters. Opening Sol Collective. Getting an M.A. in education leadership.

Regrets: Not spending enough time with my family.

What are your passions/obsessions? Art, culture, activism, and education.

What do you hope to accomplish with the new space? We want to make art, culture and technology accesible to people in the community, especially people with children. We hope to promote social justice and empower youth.

Sound Off! Please check out Sol Collective’s programming!

Thank you Estella!

Check out the gallery here: or better yet, get down there and be a part of it. They are having a benefit for Haiti tomorrow!


2 comments on “Citizen Estella”

  1. Thank you SOL COLLECTIVE we are so glade your BACK!!!

  2. This woman is utterly amazing. She works from the heart. You can’t help but notice the passion she exudes when you are around her; it’s totally contagious! I’m glad to know this individual and I am looking forward to working with her in the near future. Big ups Estella!

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