Citizen Matt

By: bmshep

Feb 16 2010

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5Pro

This is Matt. Matt is an electrician by trade, but since the economy tanked has turned to indoor gardening to supplement his income and has been working at Constantly Growing Hydroponics on 16th St. for the past year. He tries to keep it organic. His favorite strain is OG Kush but any Kush will do. Besides a love of gardening, Matt likes to gamble at Red Hot Casino, lately playing craps and roulette. His biggest haul has been $1400. Music-wise, he digs anything by Mike Patton. Matt is a Sacramento native and is 32.

Favorite Accomplishments: Raising my 4 yr. old daughter. I love listening to her and hearing her formulate her thoughts and ideas.

Regrets: No regrets.

What are your passions and obsessions? Horticulture!

How many of the people that come into the store do you think are actually growing tomatoes in their closet? Not many, lol. Those would be some pretty expensive tomatoes!

Do you guys give advice on how to grow? Not that much. We usually refer folks to the dispensaries for that. They have classes you can take on growing.

Sound Off! Grow it green!

Thanks Matt. May all independent economies flourish!


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