Citizen Rucha

By: bmshep

Feb 14 2010

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Category: Female Citizens


Focal Length:40mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5Pro

This is Rucha. Rucha is a friend, a mother, and the wife of Citizen Keith. She was born in Berkeley (but don’t call her a hippie) and spent her formative years in New Zealand before finally calling Sacramento home. Rucha is the Valentine’s Citizen and she shows a ton of love to her 3 boys and husband and any plant or garden that gets in her way. She loves shade plants like elephants ear, golden moneywort, and ferns. She also loves the mystery of bulbs when they appear in the spring. Rucha is also a fellow Thievery Corporation fan (1, and in comes the 2 to the 3 and 1…) and appreciates the Violent Femmes, Dylan, Ani DiFranco, Eddie Vedder, and lately, Rhianna. Rucha is 36.

Favorite Accomplishments: Naturally birthing all three of my children at home, 1 a water birth. Being with my mother in New Zealand when she passed away. All the gardens I’ve ever started.

Regrets: Wearing white pants today in the garden! Also, not attending correctly to some personal relationships. Mostly my regrets take the form of: wish I knew then vs. what I know now.

What are your passions/obsession? Plants! Great style and beauty in any form. Raising healthy children! Listening to excellent music. All the amazing people I’m blessed to have in my life!

What are your fondest memories of New Zealand?  The natural beauty that we lived in every day. For fun , as teenagers, we climbed hills and rafted creeks. I was lucky to have a group of girlfriends who were all artistic, funny, special people. I am so grateful to have grown up there!

What did you get for Valentines Day? A new crockpot.

What’s for dinner? A pork loin that we got from Mr. Piggy at the farmer’s market.

Sound Off! Let’s take all the empty plots of land in South Sac and turn them into gardens and farms to grow food for the people!

Thank You Rucha!


7 comments on “Citizen Rucha”

  1. A beautiful name and a beautiful lady to match the name….

  2. just beautiful….

  3. We Love this photo of you Rucha! Lisa wants you to come to Rescue and help her start a garden! Jenni wants you start a high dessert garden in her yard. You’ll have to come for the whole summer to do it. We all wish you were here with us. Love you
    Bean. Lisa and Jenni

  4. Hey girlie! What color is your new crock pot?

  5. rucha…now being in the volunteer phase of my life, i’d like to volunteer to help you with any community garden you may be able to start this year…yes, like I can be totally organic!!!!

  6. We call him Mr. Piggy too. Off to play with my new pile of composted horse manure. I know you are with me in spirit, beautiful woman!

  7. This is such a beautiful photo. Simply magical 🙂

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