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By: bmshep

Feb 05 2010

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This is Marjorie. Marjorie, a former Fulbright Scholar, is a Professor of Law at McGeorge Law School. One of her areas of expertise is the economic development of Africa. She was recently the Senior Legal Advisor to the government of Cape Verde, helping prepare that country to join the WTO. Marjorie was born in Haiti and lived there until she was 5, moving to Brooklyn and then to Sacramento for the last 6 years. Haiti has never been far from her heart and she has returned, most recently last year in connection with a trade and development project. The recent events there are tragic, to be sure. Even though Marjorie has lost a family member, she sees a silver lining. She has been reconnected with a Haitian community here in Sacramento and she feels that this is the prime time to educate the world about Haiti and show that there is more to this nation than just being “the poorest country in the western hemisphere”. Next year she will go on sabbatical and return to Haiti to write a book on the country. Marjorie just turned 40.

Favorite Accomplishments:  I’m the mom of two fabulous doxies!  They were rescues just a few years ago, and now they just run the place.  It’s been a pleasure to watch them recover from trauma to become loving, carefree (and just a little bit . . . rambunctious : )

 Regrets: I really don’t think I have any regrets.  I recognize I’m only human, but I try to live the best life possible for me.  I’ve done many of the things I’ve longed to do, and the rest will come.  I working on cultivating the kind of relationships I truly want in my life.  What’s to regret?  I only want to take action.

What are your passions/obsessions?  I’m definitely a big reader and writer. I can get in front of a book, and all is lost.  Time stands still for me (but not for everybody else! Sometimes, I can definitely be known as the “absent-minded professor”)

What is your fondest memory of Haiti? The pounding of the rain on the tin roofs when the big storms would come through. My grandmother would read us stories while it rained to calm us.

What are you reading right now? “The Caribbean Writer” and lots of books on Columbus. I want to show in my book how Haiti’s economic fate was directly related to his arrival.

Favorite Haitian food? Rice and beans, grio (fried pork), and plantains. Haitians like the green plantains and we fry them twice. (It’s no surprise that Marjorie’s favorite restaurant in Sac is Celestin’s.)

Favorite Music? I don’t listen to much music.I think have 5 songs on my Ipod. I listen to NPR and writing podcasts. My partner likes Radio Alice, so we have to compromise.

 Sound Off!  My biggest pet peeve at the moment is inertia over climate change.  Have we not read history?  Do we not understand our very existence is at stake?  I worry about the lives that will be lost if global temperatures rise just one small bit more.  And yet, when I look out at our elected officials I see no real effort to do something meaningful.  I know! What am I doing, right?  Sigh.

Thank you Marjorie.


2 comments on “Citizen Marjorie”

  1. I love my email subscription to Citizens. It has really made me appreciate our community, and inspired me to reach out more to people in our town.

    Thank you!


  2. That’s awesome Jenny! Thank you for your support!

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