Citizen Mallory

By: bmshep

Jan 27 2010

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Category: Female Citizens

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Focal Length:17mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5Pro

This is Mallory. I met Mallory at Peet’s on J st., interrupting her while she was watching Lost and detaching herself from Sacramento. In two weeks Mallory, a wanderer, leaves for Zambia to spend 2 years in the Peace Corps. Mallory was raised in Ft. Bragg and has degree in Sociology from Sac State. She is 23.

Favorite Accomplishments: Graduating college and getting into the Peace Corps. Zambia 2010!

Regrets: Life is too short to have regrets. Everything happens for a reason and some of the best lessons can come from what may seem like mistakes.

What are your passions/obsessions? People watching, learning, culture, human nature, drugs, and photography.

What got you interested in the Peace Corps? I met them during a career fair at school. I’ve always been interested in social justice and helped form the Campus Progressive Alliance which led protests and die-ins at Sac State.

What will your duties be in the Peace Corps? Rural community education development and HIV outreach and prevention. I’ll have 3 months of training and then I’m by myself in a village, living with a host family in a mud hut. Any power will be solar, there’s no electricity.

Sound Off! Smoke weed everyday!

Thanks Mallory, best of luck in Africa!




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