Citizen Fatima

By: bmshep

Jan 22 2010

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This is Fatima. I met Fatima tonight at Hot Italian where she received an award at the Sustainable Sacramento event. Fatima was born in Pakistan but grew up in Sacramento. She graduated from UC Davis where she studied International Agricultural Development and she is currently the Program Management Assistant for the Eat From The Garden program. This program is based at Grant Union High School where youth from the Del Paso Heights area have created community gardens. Students learn how to cook food they grow in the gardens, using culturally diverse ingredients, and even have their own business selling salsa. You can get their salsa at the Co-op and the Davis Farmer’s Market, or at the school. Fatima’s enthusiasm is contagious and she would love to have some volunteers. Fatima is 23.


Favorite Accomplishments: Supporting myself and my mom and doing something with my life that makes a difference in the community. I just moved out, and I’m learning how to become a strong leader.

Regrets: I struggled with math and science, so I gave it up. I graduated college without learning a lick of math and failing biology. As a teen my diet consisted of Snickers, Pepsi, and Doritos.

What are your passions/obsessions? Mmmm….I love food. I love cooking. I am obsessed about composting, recycling, and eating mushrooms, especially oyster mushrooms. I don’t watch TV, and love getting lost in new neighborhoods. I want to travel more.

What got you into the Slow Food/Sustainable movement? I went to Grant High. In my sophomore year I got involved with the garden program and it really inspired me.

Fondest memory of Pakistan? The street food!

What is your favorite Pakistani dish? My Mom’s okra. She fries it and puts a tomato sauce over it.

You can check out what they are doing at Grant High here:


One comment on “Citizen Fatima”

  1. fatima is the shhh….! she is my homie and a great person…! nothing but love 4 her… and She is gorgeous… mmm mmm mmm…. Go fatima!

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