Citizen Claire

By: bmshep

Jan 14 2010

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This is Claire. I saw Claire at Temple on 10th working on a paper about love, literature and life. She was also working on a poetry portfolio. Claire writes a lot. She also loves coffee (both of those cups are hers). It’s a good combination. She will graduate from St. Olaf (MN) in May with a BFA and has applied for a Fullbright Scholarship to teach in Malta. She has also applied to an artist in residence program with Hub-Bub of Spartanburg, SC. Claire is 22 and a Sac native.

Favorite Accomplishments: When I was 14 my soccer team was the first team in Sacramento to ever win their division and go on to win district cup (metro league). None of us cared so much about winning, but that we got to keep playing into April.

Regrets: Not getting up earlier this morning. Every day offers so much opportunity and, while I love to sleep, time to visit the world around me is always fleeting.

What are your passions/obsessions?  I am passionate about writing – anything – poetry, fiction, non-fiction, whatever my brain feels like on any given day. This passion comes along with an obsession for caffeine, but only in coffee form.

Sound Off! I’ve always thought it strange that we have developed the technology to communicate with people all over the world, and yet have not found a way to understand each other better. (!)

What was the last thing you wrote? A poem called ‘The Knot’. I like to start with something small and expand it into a larger concept. You know how you tie your shoelace into a double knot and then can’t get it undone again? It’s frustrating. That happens in life.

Can we have a poem? This is the first poem I wrote that I actually liked. It was inspired by those sunflower fields near Dixon.

Dawn to Dusk

If I were to live with the sunflowers

and stretch face first into the heavens,

my limbs of gold would open bright

unafraid of the darkness within.

Here I’d be content to praise

and sway with my sun all day

growing closer to that end

unabashed of all simplicity.

And yet, I must sway a greater arc,

my dawn to dusk.

Thank you Claire.


5 comments on “Citizen Claire”

  1. A very lovely young lady.
    I like that poem very much.

  2. This poem is really beautiful, and this woman is so inspiring! (Ok so she’s my best friend, but she really is inspiring!) I love this photo and the questions were insightful enough to get a pretty good idea of how incredible she is, or maybe I’m biased. Thanks for creating this blog. It’s fantastic!

  3. Well said Claire. I totally agree with your sound off, its a great realization to come to at such a young age and how inspiring it is to reflect how we can change that in our own lives. I see great things in your future, best of luck in the adventures that await you.
    Mia (aka Brad’s wife)

  4. Thanks for the comments. I’m sure Claire thanks you as well! It was very nice meeting her.

  5. très belle ! j’aime beaucoup!

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