Citizen Sarah

By: bmshep

Jan 05 2010

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Category: Female Citizens


Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5Pro

Citizen Sarah

This is Sarah. She’s a friend and a mother. She loves antique clothes and having solo dance parties. She is 36 and is a Registered Nurse as well as a specialized Massage Therapist. Sarah is pretty cool, you can tell just by looking at her, can’t you?  

Favorite Accomplishments: Completing Nursing School and my daily evolution.  

Regrets: That I didn’t get a sperm donor.

Passions: Vaginas and my body in motion. (Ok, Mia…you can’t go to Sarah’s alone anymore.)  

What is it about Vaginas that you like so much?: What’s not to like?! (Good Point)  

Sound Off!: Reproduce consciously and be naughty!  

Thanks Sarah, here’s to the next dance party!


2 comments on “Citizen Sarah”

  1. lovely sarah! miss you so much!

  2. […] moved to Sac when she was 5, and is a 5th grader at Camellia Waldorf School. She is the daughter of Citizen Sarah. We were on a class trip to Yosemite this past week and she graciously allowed me to make her a […]

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