Citizen Keith

By: bmshep

Jan 04 2010

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Category: Male Citizens

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Focal Length:32mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5Pro

Citizen Keith

This is Keith. He’s actually really friendly, he just doesn’t like having his picture taken. Rucha says that it might be the Miwok in him. Photographs steal your soul and all that. I didn’t take any, I promise, but if somehow it happened we’ll just break open the camera and get it back. 

Keith is a math teacher and Rucha’s husband. They have 3 boys. He loves music and teaching kids the truth about numbers. 

Favorite Accomplishment: Believe it or not, it was when one of my students told me he was excited about the lesson. 

Regrets: Would have liked to have done the marriage and family thing in the “correct” order. 

Passions: Listening to and playing music. Teaching my kids and other kids. 

Favorite Music: Right now my favorite band is The Black Keys. My favorite music is ‘good’ music. (Exactly! We don’t need to waste any time with ‘bad’ music.) 

Best Thing About Teaching: You never know what the day will bring. 

Sound Off!: Having kids is the best and most exhausting thing ever! Kind of like the Peace Corps, but it never ends.

Thanks Keith!


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