Citizen Trent

By: bmshep

Jan 01 2010

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Category: Male Citizens

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix S5Pro

Citizen Trent

     Well, it’s the first day of this project and my father-in-law Trent helped me out by being our first Citizen. My wife and I were out late last night, bringing in the New Year with the rest of Sacramento, while Trent watched the kids. I was a bit groggy this morning but I was determined not to flake on starting the project, so I asked Trent to pose. He lives next door. No reason to make this any harder than it has to be today. I’ll ease into this with people I know.

     Trent is 62 and worked as a grocer for 44 years. He’s from Pasadena. He loves riding his bikes and playing his saxaphone.

Favorite Accomplishment: Getting and staying sober.

Regrets: Years lost to drugs and alcohol.

Favorite Cyclist: Still Lance.

Favorite Jazz: 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s Miles Davis

Sound Off! Why can’t we have universal health care?!


One comment on “Citizen Trent”

  1. Fabulous! What a great idea. I can’t wait to see where this goes. I’m putting you up on my blog today.
    Love you.

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